Sunday, March 21, 2010

Waking UP

The past week was, by far, the most beautiful week for weather in the past 5 months. It was nothing but sunny skies and gentle breezes. The thermometer even dipped a toe into the realm of "low 60's." Rare for these parts, but deeply appreciated.
The local landscape went from snow covered (some parts above my knee) to that dry-light-ochre-yellow-brown, hinting towards green color. Though it is a barren landscape, it is bursting with promise. Passing though the landscape with a window or two open just a little, you can hear people of all ages playing in their yards. Several homes were undergoing yard work. It is the most exciting time of year for this. It is not like work at all. It is a little visual game, pulling back the fall leaves we missed and stones that the snow plow pushed into the yard. We know we are winning when the ground looks like earth again and the old skeletons of winter are in a wheelbarrow. After so many months of snow and ice we really missed the earth.

Two weekends ago I remembered that I am lucky enough to live so close to a little piece of paradise- Cornell's Botanical Gardens. I checked their website and according to the "Bloom Report" witch hazel was in bloom. I went to fetch my camera, dog, and significant other for the first official nature walk of the season. This weekend I did the same. I could not believe all the things happening in the gardens despite the weather. Just a brief stint of mild weather and this place was lit up with all kinds of life and color. I don't know how our little plant friends can bloom after so many days of grey cold.

These plants passed onto me the feeling of joy coming alive again in a new season. Now I can't remember the last time anything inspired me so much...