Friday, March 25, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show

For me, Spring is the most anticipated time of the year. Winter really seems like it can go on forever, especially when it's March and it's still snowing. Luckily for us garden enthusiast in the Delaware Valley, there's the Philadelphia Flower Show right when we need it. The day that I got to go check it out, the weather was raw cold, rainy, and windy.
It was such a treat to see acres and acres of green plants, blooming plants, blossoming trees, manicured landscapes, faux gardens, world class floral designs, and even a greenhouse packed full of blooming orchids. I wandered around for hours. I did not want to miss any of it.

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Jonathan said...

Yes, it does often feel that winter overstays its welcome, and that spring cannot get here soon enough! I do love driving around and seeing leaves on trees, flowers blossoming, and grass turning green. Now that i live with my dad, I have a garden in my front yard and there is just too much to decide what to do with it. That Philadelphia Flower Show sounded like fun minus the unfortunate weather. The pictures are beautiful and make me want nice spring weather here even faster!